About Us


M2 Consulting was born from the principals and ethics instilled from being a part of a time-honored corps, Army Noncommissioned Officers. We strive to bring this same approach to leadership to your projects. We are proud of who we are and what we bring to the project table.

We are so much more than just triangles on paper.

M2 Consulting brings an unmatched level of professionalism, competence and integrity to everything we do. Every client and project team are entitled to outstanding support, and we will provide that support. We are aware of and fully accept our role as Technology Design Consultants. We strive to fulfill our responsibilities inherent in that role. The other members of the project team will have maximum time to accomplish their responsibilities because they will not have to accomplish ours.  We will EARN the respect and confidence of our clients and the project teams alike. We will communicate consistently with all members of the project life-cycle, leaving no one uninformed.


As design consultants, we must stay out in front of changes in our industry, as well as the technology that drives the solutions we design. Through certifications, trade shows, product testing and field research, M2 Consultants always remains technically proficient.

As a provider of professional services, we assist in strategies, planning, advancement and roll-outs of client-owned solutions and initiatives. A solid understanding of how solutions are deployed, integrated and used is as important as the layout or design itself. We partner with manufacturers, vendors and training organizations to ensure that M2 Consultants remain tactically proficient as well.